Tuesday, May 3, 2016

frankendodger sheet 2 (cards 10-18) - insert the inserts...

here's sheet number 2 of my dodger frankenset - cards numbered 10-18:
and the back:
these cards are:

10. 1973 topps don sutton
11. 2000 upper deck eric gagne
12. 1968 topps game claude osteen
13. 1990 mother's cookies dodgers kirk gibson
14. 2008 donruss threads carl erskine
15. 2003 topps stadium club shawn green
16. 1992 donruss eric karros
17. 1970 topps booklet bill singer
18. 1992 upper deck pedro martinez

the "no brainer" of the day:

for this sheet, there really isn't a card here that i knew had to be in the set, but i did want to get don sutton in as soon as possible.  as the only hall of famer from the team of my youth, he deserved a spot early on.

about the cards:

i wasn't sure i was going to use inserts in this set, but here we have two of them on the second sheet!  i have quite a few copies of the osteen card (including one in my double play binder), but not as many as i have of the tommy davis card from that insert set.  davis is hatless on the set, and so his team affiliation is unclear and i suppose many folks think of him as a dodger and send the card my way.  however, davis was included in the flagship set that year as a member of the white sox, so let's send those cards to 2x3 heroes instead.

the other insert implied by the title is the bill singer booklet in all of its diamond cut glory.

there are a lot of pitchers on this sheet (with erskine bringing the first unlicensed card to the set), along with a rookie of the year, and a guy who was at one time my favorite dodger.

cards that didn't make the cut:

with the players and sets featured on the first sheet off the board, there were less cards to choose from - and there are a bunch of piazza cards that would have fit on this sheet.  a few cards that did receive some consideration here included osteen's 1971 topps and/or o-pee-chee card at number 10 (but he lost out to sutton), arky vaughn's 1960 fleer card at number 11, the 1967 topps jim campanis/bill singer rookie at number 12, jody reed's 1994 topps stadium club card and willie keeler's 2012 panini cooperstown card at number 13, a sweet 1982 cracker jack duke snider oddball card at number 15, and a 1960 leaf jim gilliam card at number 18.  all gave way to what you see above for one reason or another.  in fact, the reed card was in the set up until last month when i juggled a couple cards around to make room for a new card number 24.  i'll tell that story in the next post.

my favorite card on the page:

had it not been bumped for the gibson, the aforementioned jody reed card may have taken the prize for this sheet.  after all, it's a double play turn in dodger stadium. what's not to like?  however, given the nine cards that made the sheet, i'll go with the card that replaced reed.  a kirk gibson action shot during a day game in dodger stadium.  it's nice.

final thoughts:

i think there are a total of three parallel cards later on in the set, but the osteen and singer cards are the only true inserts in my frankenset.


  1. Once again, I love the oddballs and inserts here!

    1. the oddballs get pretty scarce the higher the numbers go in the set, so enjoy them while you can

  2. Ah, if there are Mothers Cookies cards in here, that'll be my weakness. Don't have the Gibby.

    1. this is the only mother's card in the set, although i was tempted to put in a couple others that i actually have doubles of - the lance parrish card and the bill russell manager card.

  3. The Kirk Gibson takes the cake here - I love shots of players barreling around the bases. Plus, the fact that it's a Mothers Cookies oddball doesn't hurt either.

    1. looking at that gibson there, you just know he has bad knees.

    2. I agree. The Mothers Cookies Kirk Gibson card makes the page for me.
      The early numbers are certainly the most challenging. Well done.

  4. I distinctly remember trading with my cousin for that '92 UD Pedro when I was a young lad, and I still get a little nostalgic whenever I see that card for that reason.

    1. i get nostalgic when i see any card of pedro in a dodger uniform, but for different reasons.

  5. Vintage Topps inserts, Mother's Cookies cards, Topps Stadium Club, and Pedro as a Dodger. Another great page with awesome variety.

    1. thanks fuji. i think sheet number 3 is pretty great, too.